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A brief history of the Marengo family

Who are the Marengos?
Reprinted from C magazine

Although the Marengo family was originally in the ship building industry, today they are headed towards the medical spa industry. “In the 16th and 17th centuries, the Marengo family was in the shipbuilding industry in Venice,” says Jojo Marengo, who is the historian of the family. “At the end of the 17th century they extended their commerce to Syros in Greece and Marseilles in France, two important shipbuilding centers in the Mediterranean at the time. Today, the Marengos still maintain contact with various branches of the family all over the world. In early eighteen century the Ottaman Empire contracted with Venice to help protect their fleet in the mediteranian sea and in return gave them the island of Syros to establish a port and ship building facilities. Venice was building one battleship per day.
  Dr. Jean Marengo (1841-1917) was the nephew of Archbishop Yanni Marengo and Grandfather of Jojo Marengo. A physician and diplomat, Dr Marengo was a representative of the French government to the Ottoman court. The Ottoman kingdom was one of the most powerful empires for the previous four hundred years, and ruled an empire that stretched from the Danube River in Austria to Yemen at the edge of the Arabic peninsula. During his numerous trips in the Empire, Dr. Marengo collected many eastern remedies and exotic preparations that have unique healing characteristics. He shared his vast knowledge and collections with his colleague Dr. Louis Pasteur. “In fact, in the Pasteur Museum today there is an Ottoman carpet that that has the inscription ‘Gift from Dr. Jean Marengo to his friend Louis Pasteur’,” states Jojo.

Dr Marengo helped build and administer military hospitals for the Ottoman empire. Two  hospitals are still in operation in Damascus Syria and Turkey.
  Archbishop Yanni Marengo (reprinted From The Catholic Encyclopedia) “The Catholic hierarchy in Greece took hold with the Archdiocese of Athens, established in1875, when Bishop Yanni Marengo of Syros (pronounced in Greek Marangos also Giovanni in some Italian documents) took up his seat there, in spite of the protest of the Government. King Otho of Bavaria, the first king of regenerated Greece, was a Catholic. In his reign the Catholics were few. But arrangements were made that the Catholics could have a place of worship wherever they existed in sufficient numbers. After Athens became the seat of government, in 1834, an abandoned Turkish mosque was given to the Catholics as a place of worship. After the lapse of some years, in 1875, archbishopric was established in Athens. The first Archbishop to occupy this See was Yanni Marengo followed by archbishops, Zaffino, De Angelis, and Delendas. Marengo was born in the Aegean Island of Syros.

Antoine (Andoni) Marengo
Dr. Marengo’s son, Antoine Marengo, dedicated his life to art and literature. He was a novelist who also wrote an interactive encyclopedia about world rulers, leaders and generals, from Attila to Zenobia. He was also a painter who painted mostly church frescoes. He also developed a shorter version of shorthand. He married Maria Zarghanis of Greece, and had six children. Many Marengos held the post of "Zimarkhos" (administrator) of Syros. The three sons of Antoine entered the beauty industry.

The Marengo Brothers
The Marengo Brothers – Jojo, Jean Claude and Antoine – are cosmetologists, estheticians, designers, authors and publishers. They were marketed in Europe as the image-makers of royalty. They arrived in the United States with Queen Fredericka of Greece. Jojo accepted an offer from Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City to take on the position of artistic director. Antoine accepted the position of artistic director for Elizabeth Arden on Fifth Avenue and Jean Claude replaced Kenneth at Lilli Dache, the famed millinery designer. The Marengo's following included Diane Vreeland, then senior editor of Vogue, The Duchess of Windsor, Mrs. Senator Jacob Javits, Princess Pignatelli and other women leaders of the time.

Together and simultaneously, the three brothers were the art directors of the three most famous fashion names in the country. Leaving New York for Beverly Hills, Jojo and his brothers were soon recognized as the originators of what is known today as the “Day Spa.” The Marengo Institute in Beverly Hills was the first establishment in the United States that offered services never before available in one facility. Built in 1965, the spa consisted of a skin care center, body rejuvenation division, self-realization department, implantation facility, yoga studio and hair salon. Their clientele consisted of the who’s who in the social scene and the movie industry.

Many Marengo Spas were established in California; San Francisco, LaJolla, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach and Dana Point, Marengo Spa in San Francisco. Other spas were built in Ohio’s Cleveland, Columbus, Strongville, Medina, Westerville and Murietta.

The Marengos are the originators of many innovations in the beauty industry. In April 1965, they opened the first Marengo Institute in Beverly Hills. By 1984 there were 6 Marengo Institutes open in San Francisco, La Jolla, Long Beach, Dana Point and Irvine.

In the Sixties he introduced the "Body Wave", a permanent wave process marketed for Elizabeth Arden under the label of "Perm Ardena". The "Body Wave" revolutionized the perm business which until then was a hair process used exclusively by senior citizens. It is today the industry's standard name for a loose perm.

In the Seventies, The Marengo introduced the first facial peel masque in the industry. The process, marketed under the name of Peel O Matique, was sold in most upscale department stores in the United States (Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Kaufman, Lazarus, etc.) A "Women's Wear Daily" article stated, "Market sources estimate Peel O Matique gross sales to top $8 million..." Today "masque" is a standard treatment in the beauty regimen of millions of people worldwide.

"Their process works with exquisite speed, comfort and efficacy ... the results could be dazzling," "Vogue" magazine says of Marengo.

In 1980 the Marengos introduced the first cellulite control clinics in the United States utilizing his invention Pneumo-patter, a cellulite reduction apparatus. The apparatus dispensed air under pressure to stimulate topical circulation in the cellulite-infected areas of the body.

Newspapers from Boston to Seattle joined in the chorus of praise for Marengo and their institute. The "Washington Evening Star" added, "Marengo invokes the muses of beauty, medicine, and the arts."

"The Marengo's spent years in Hollywood giving stars a bi-annual skin peel at $3,000 a time," "Harper's Bazaar" said. "They eventually decided women who couldn't afford it shouldn't be deprived."

In 1981 they introduced "Beautex" the first art magazine for the beauty industry. Beautex was the vanguard publication that gave the start to art magazines in the beauty industry worldwide.

The Marengo’s were the originator of the first cosmetic mask “Peel O Matique” sold in department stores nationwide including Saks, Neiman Marcus and Macy's.  In 1971Women's Wear Daily estimated their gross sales to be $8 million for that year.

In 1994 Jojo Marengo founded the Art & Fahion Group , and organization comprising of  leaders in the beauty industry, Notable members such as

In 2008 Jojo Marengo founded  the World Art Foundation an organization comprising of painters, sculptures, galleries, museums and other participants in the art discipline.   ( )

  The New Generation
Monique Marengo,
daughter of Jojo and Cherie Marengo, is one of those people who knows what she wants, and doesn’t quit until she gets it. A Beverly Hills native, she spent most of her youth interning at her family business, the Marengo Institute. Together with her father, Monique founded the Art & Fashion Group to bring together the brightest minds in the beauty and fashion business. Monique led the group as its Executive Director, overseeing activities in thirty-five countries. She became the youngest person and first female to direct an international beauty organization, whose members include such luminaries as Vidal Sassoon, Paul Mitchel and Isaac Mizrahi (see below)*. Monique produced and coordinated over 1,000 educational activities a year for the Group and was the producer of the largest international show in the beauty industry, held in Rimini, Italy.

Monique resides in Cleveland Ohio and operates the Marengo Luxury Spa in the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

Her brother, Antoine Marengo, is the youngest of the family, and the most recent addition to this growing family business. Born in Beverly Hills, Antoine’s first love is music. He’s a composer, producer and multi-instrument player, and founder of Body/Mind Music.
His company produces movie scores and many music CDs including “Transcend” used in spas worldwide. Antoine presently resides in Orange County California and is the founder of the an alternative healing operation.

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Adam’s favorite art piece is always the one he is working on that momen

Adam’s favorite art piece is always the one he is working on that moment “in this way I am always trying to top my previous creation”.

Before defining his passion for painting Adam Scott Rote studied fashion at the Virginia Marti School and cinema art at Cal Arts California. “These studies continue to inspire me to turn concepts into collections”. Influenced by artists such as Gil Bruvel and Alberto Vargas, “Varga set the standards for me on how I paint in a fashion sense. I love the way he elongates the legs to give his women a sensual elegant look.” Adam Rote creates art that centers on memories, emotions, and other life experiences. In addition to aforementioned artists he finds inspiration in fashion and architecture and especially the images of the Hollywood of yester-year, particularly those films that were described as “filmnoir.” He has taken all of these influences and internalized them as he taught himself his craft. The result is elegant and realistic art that features “a high contrast of light and dark” which is further complimented by “his use of bold colors complements the artistry from the time.”

One of the first members of the World Art Foundation (WAF) Adam states that WAF gives the artist the opportunity to grow, shine and learn how to maintain ownership of their career. WAF bestowed upon Adam the coveted World Master status “success leaves clues that allow WAF members the opportunity to follow the success of other members to study and share”.

Adam is working on an exciting process called “Unique”. A process that combines an original painting and a Giclee whereas a portion of the painting is a Giclee, however, the subject -let’s say a figure of a woman-- can be changed in each piece to another subject. The collector has a unique piece that can command a much higher price than a Giclee and lower price than an original. The art piece remains always one of a kind.

This process is particularly important in Adam’s phase of his career because of his association with the Cunrad Princess Cruise lines. “My art is available in galleries in 30 ships with potential buyers amongst the ships’ 2 million passengers a year” Adam joins other distinguished artist such as Mack, Weyland and Goddard who also are a part of this venture.

Adam’s art centers on representations of the human form that is not fully realized but transparent. “My figures are not ghosts,” he explains “they are transparent rather than opaque for the goal of allowing the whole painting equal measure. ”Additionally, the opaque-ness allows the full painting to be seen with equal focus and clarity. The work of this award winning artist has been described as being filled with “…strong emotions such as trepidation, recklessness and awe.”

On top of the WAF Showcases, Adam’s work can be seen at the Galerie Rue Royale, Key West, FL; the Miranda Galleries, Laguna Beach, CA; the Chloe Fine Arts,

San Francisco, CA; and the Diamond

WORLD ART FOUNDATION & world art expo 09

The World Art Foundation is an organization of professional artists

that deals with the characteristics of art, its nucleus being the strength of all its combined

elements and principles. Most of the artists in this publication are WAF members.

In October 31st 2008, My father and I created

the World Art Foundation (WAF) in Orange County California and

in January 31 2009, we launched WAF’s website to the public with the announcement of the WAF Expo 09 California scheduled for June 7-14, 2009. Within 40 days

over 3,000 artists from all over the world joined the WAF sites

On April 10th 2009 WAF’s 5,100 square feet Gallery opened in 1555 E Imperial Hwy in the city of Brea. (see The World Expo 09 was held as scheduled in June 7-14 2009

in Brea, Fullerton and Laguna Beach California, with the participation

of over 400 artists from 53 countries in 5 continents.

World Expo 09 became the largest expo of this genre ever held in

California. See

The Mayor of Fullerton issued a proclamation in the name of

the city council and the citizens of Fullerton welcoming World

Art Foundation to Fullerton. See copy of the proclamation on

A fund raiser was held in June 6th at the Miranda Gallery in

Laguna Beach to benefit the World Art Foundation advertising


World Art Foundation sponsored all but one of the over

400 participating artists by waving the $500 for each for

the artists’ exhibiting fee. Never such generosity was ever

extended by a private foundation or a any country’s cultural

ministry for a single event. Actually besides the shipping

expense, the 400 artists did not pay to exhibit at the World

Art Expo 09 in California.

During the expo WAF held educational functions at the

Fullerton Museum and the Marriott hotel at the Fullerton

University campus and the WAF Gallery in Brea.

World Art Foundation, presently with over 50,000

members in their cyber groups, is considered the world’s

largest art organization. WAF continues to grow with over

100 artists joining its ranks each week. In 2010 Expos are

scheduled in 12 countries as well as many key art cities in

the US including New York, Chicago. Los Angeles, Phoenix,

Santa Fe and Orange County.

The All America Tour 2009 is introducing 30 accomplished

WAF artists to curators in Ten American Cities.

More tours for America and Europe are in the works for


The WAF Museum Collection is scheduled to travel in

2010 to many expos in 3 continents. See a portion of the

Collection on .

Antoine Marengo

Co-Founder of Word Art Foundation

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JOJO MARENGO ON INDIAN ART NEWS helped more artists than any organization in the world

See the actual story by clicking on this link:

JOJO MARENGO The truth based on facts not false allegations

In October 31st 2008, the Marengo family started World Art Foundation (WAF) in Orange County California. the Marengo's are residents of Orange County California since1970 where they publish 21 luxury magazines under the name of Umbrella publishing.

In January 31 2009, Umbrella Publishing launched the World Art Foundation website to the public and announced that in June 7-9, 2009 WAF Expo 09 will take place in Brea California.

On February 1st 2009 World Art Foundation started sites on Facebook and My Space. By March 2009 a month later, over 3,000 artists from all over the world joined World Art Foundation (WAF) sites.

In March World Art Foundation finalized the legal documents and applications as a non profit organization LLC as a service organization to help artists find galleries and agents to promote their work. The documents are presently with the California Secretary of State.

A man living in South Africa, started a negative campaign posting false allegations on Brajane's blog (a woman who lives in Belgium and who has a blog on Indian news). This man made many false allegations. Some of the allegations stated that Jojo Marengo and his expo is a scam and that there is no Brea city in California, that there is no Umbrella publications and that the expo is a ploy to scam artists. Also allegations that the Brea Gallery is against WAF and on and on. The attention the South African drew a copy cat blogger from Manchester UK and together continued The attacks until April 2009. All the negative blogs are the work of these 3 people.

On April 10th 2009 WAF opened a 5,100 square feet Gallery in 1555 E Imperial Hwy in the Brea Plaza in the city of Brea. Soon after the negative attacks stopped.

Although the attacks stopped, all blogs got posted on search engines like Google. Unfortunately these posting will always be there as they cannot be removed.

Of course The World Expo 09 took place as scheduled in June 7-9 2009 in Brea, Fullerton and Laguna Beach California, with the participation of over 400 artists from 53 countries in 5 continents. World Expo 09 became the largest expo of this genre ever held in Califonia.

The Mayor of Fullerton issued a proclamation in the name of the city council and the citizens of Fullerton welcoming World Art Foundation to Fullerton. copy of the proclamation on

A city councilwoman form Laguna Beach represented her city at a World Art Foundation preview dinner at Brea's La Vie En Rose restaurant

A fund raiser has held in June 6th at the Miranda Gallery in Laguna Beach to benefit the World Art Foundation sponsor's fund.

World art foundation sponsored all but one of the over 400 artists by paying the $500 for each for the artists' exhibiting fee. Never such generosity was ever extended by a country's cultural ministry or non profit organization for a single event. Actually besides the shipping expense, the artists did not have to pay to exhibit at the world art expo 09 in California.

The Brea Gallery received thousands of emails and calls asking for the location of the World Art Foundations gallery in Brea. They posted on their site a caption asking them to go to our website.

During the expo educational functions by the World Art Foundations took place a the Fullerton Museum

World Art Foundation, presently with over 50,000 artists members in their cyber groups, is considered the world's largest art organization. WAF continues to grow daily. In 2010 Expos are planed in many countries and many states in the US.

for more information:

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This is the last call for painters to to submit a request to obtain a sponsor to pay for your exhibit fee at the World Art Expo09 in California

Please note: The sponsor will pay for your fee so that you do not have to pay it yourself. 

the following 312 artist/members already have received $500 each to pay for their exhibit fees

Alex Nysten •Alison Fowler • Adamo Ruscelli • All Gore • Allison Proulx • Asan Cora • Anna Giwti • Alberto Hitzfelder • Anne Middleton • Arta Cakaj •Adriana Guidi • Arisu • Aunia Kahn •AliCat Art Studio •Anja Etwal Nielsen • Antonio Ceni • Adela Casado •Avrim Miller • Ali Altin •Adela Casado 

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•Zoltan Krizsan • Zeb Shaffer • Zaheer Chaudhary. •Zivile Sabaliauskaite 

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